Can chickens handle wild temp changes?

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  1. Sally Monella

    Sally Monella New Egg

    Sep 2, 2011
    I know this may seem like an odd question but can chickens handle wild temp swings? I know last winter when it was very cold here in FL (yes it can get cold in FL), my pot belly pig got very sick from spending the night in the toasty house and then playing outside in the cold during the day, we almost lost him and the vet told me the drastic change in temp is what caused the illness. Well now it is VERY hot and humid outside and my pet chicken is inside, in the AC most of the time, but recently (now that she is big enough) I have been taking her outside to scratch about, and now she is acting sleepy, her crown is pale, and she isn't as enthusiastic about food. The only thing I have changed in her routine is the out door outings.
    Any ideas?

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