Can chickens pee?? Water in coop under frizzle pullets?? Help!

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    Hi all,
    I know chickens can't really pee, but it seems like these two are! I just recently bought 2 black giant frizzle hens from a lady, with shall we say questionable care methods for her birds, about a week ago. They are very sweet and shy birds like most frizzles. She told me they were 11 mo old, but she kinda said that with all the birds.... They are not laying yet, so I figure they may be younger. They do not look full grown for a giant cochin. Maybe 3/4 size. They are eating HUGE amounts of food! I figured she didn't feed them very well and they needed to catch up. But here it is a week later and they are still gorging! The other weird thing is that I think their pooh is super watery!

    I keep getting water in this coop. The roof is not leaking, the walls and ceiling are not wet, yet the middle of the floor has wet spots about 6-8 inches round in two spots. The straw is soaked and the floor is wet. Tonight I go out to tuck them in and the floor is wet right under each of the frizzles frizzy fannies! Could them gorging on food cause them to drink a lot and have water come out? What's even weirder is that the pooh looks normal, it's like there is a bunch of water there too. It's almost like they are peeing! Anyone have any ideas?
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    Is there any liquid coming out of their noses or eyes?
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    Quote:I'm confused - are they frizzles or cochins?
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