can chickens with clipped wings learn to fly again?


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I have someone keeping my little rooster for a while. I hope to have a place he can come back to some time before too long. They are wanting to clip his wings because he's getting out of their pen and they have dogs.
I love this little bird, he is hand raised and very tame. He loves to fly onto my head and often will fly and land on my arm. If they clip his wings, can he learn to fly again after they grow out? I've heard that they forget.
Mine certainly haven't
they still escape out of their pen. Guess we will have no choice but this top. I noticed when I first clipped them they couldn't get out for like a week, and then I came home one day and all of them were out... So your rooster will probably not forget how to fly.
He's a funny rooster, he's so very tiny everyone thinks he's a hen. I found him at work, separated from his mama hen at 8 hours old, cold and almost dead; warmed him up and the mama wouldn't take him back. I had myself a little chick!
He is very much a runt and the perfect rooster. He doesn't crow at all!!!!!!!

I just read that if both wings are clipped, he will be able to fly again. If I move to a place where I can keep him, I definitely want him to be able to fly.
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