can chukar partridge live with pheasants

Chukars can be very agressive towards other bird species. Hungarians can be raised with some pheasants, and with the right set up I imagine you could try to raise Chukars with them too.. You could try but make sure you keep a wtchful eye and stand close by and see the reactions. If you were to keep a pair of Chukars with pheasants (Lets jsut say Red Goldens) You would want to keep them in at least 150sq feet. That way both birds have enough space to live comfortably. Make sure to put lots of shelters and foliage in the pens. I would be very interested to hear what happens. Best of luck


I lost one of my Pheasant in less then 20 min and it was adult ring neck 3 times the size of the Chukar. Chukars need to be by there self with lots of room as they will kill each other.

I hope this helps
Raising Chukars with any type pheasant is a disaster. Chukars are killers and a fast means of getting out of the pheasant bussiness fast. DON'T DO IT...they will ever kill each other at times.
Every time I read the threads on chukars it makes me realize how lucky I must have been. Several years ago I put one or two pairs in each of my ornamental pens without any problems other than they did not do real well with our really wet spring weather here in Illinois. I incubated and hatched a lot that year.

I am in no way telling people to try this as I'm sure those that talk about how mean they can be have seen it first-hand. Makes me think I must have had a milder genetic stain maybe.
well a lot of people have kept Chukars with Pheasants, but there is a high risk. Chukars are all different, and some are quite agressive where as others very time. I get my birds from a lady who keeps around 20 Chukars with a lot of her Coturnix and she doesnt have fighting. And I keep my Trio (IM sad to say this) only 6 square feet right now and there is no issues what-so-ever.

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