Can cocci be passed on through the air?


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Jul 31, 2008
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Ok i had a lady call me, she had purchased some chicks some one, she told me that her chicks has blood in teh poop, i told her to find some corid and start them on that right away. she aks me if cocci can be spread to each other in the same room, she has 2 different brodders going but in teh same room , i could not answer her on that one.
does any one know this?


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No, it doesn't spread through the air. It is in the soil, their intestines, therefore when they poop in the water, it can spread that way. It's a protozoan like the one that causes giardia when you drink untreated creek water sometimes. They ingest the organism through pecking on the ground, in poop, etc.

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