Can egg shape and size change after a molt-induced laying lull?


Oct 25, 2018
I have 5 hens from last year that have been in molt for a few months and egg production has been nearly null. I added two pullets from this spring. The last few days there have been unfamiliar eggs, though I don't know if it's the pullets that started laying or if the older ones are starting to come out of their funk. The eggs aren't as small as I recall the "first eggs" being last fall, and actually, the one yesterday was quite large. It was just a very unique shape that I've never gotten before. Anyone ever noticed that a hen's trademark shape/size changes somewhat after they come back from their laying hiatus?
I have one hen that laid an egg after her molt that was odd shaped, with a thick band of calcium around the middle, after her molt. It looked like someone had glued two halves together, lol. I knew it was hers by the color. The next egg was her normal size and shape though.
Egg shapes can and will change after a molt. I have one that is laying very long eggs right now after a molt.
Am hoping my 'long egg' layer lays rounder eggs after her molt...but I've got my doubts.
Not sure just how much a shape can change, have not noticed that happening in 5 years.

I guess the only way I'll know who's laying what now is to put a web cam in the coop!
There is another way that often can help tell.....
I have one that lays long eggs also, they don't fit in cartons very well :barnie. Often they will go through an adjustment when they come back into lay after molt or after seasonal off time, just like when they first start to lay, and glitches can happen while it all gets worked back out. I've never had one change permanently after molt, but definitely have seen oddities during the period they first come back into lay.
You have a long egg layer too?
Have had several. Fitting them in cartons isn't too bad, just put them on the ends where the lid gives a bit(foam cartons)....but hatching can be a problem, chick can't turn well to position properly for an easy hatch. One birds eggs hatched fine, the current bird only had 1 hatch out of 5.
I never tried to hatch one, I usually try to only hatch my most normal shaped eggs. I don't incubate, just hatch with a broody up to now. I'm thinking about incubating, but just haven't gone there yet. Still would probably only try the most normal looking eggs.

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