can frizzles fly?

Well, no.

A frizzle has mutant feathers, so they can't cup air under their wings. But even so, *most* chickens can't fly much - not far, not high, not long.

I have a White Leghorn, a Golden Sex Link, and a Cuckoo Maran. The first two are quite light-bodied, with normal wing feathers. I've seen them go as high as 3.5' - maybe 4' in the air if badly startled, and sometimes fly as far as 10-12' in distance, but that's it. And that was when they were startled into "flying for their lives".

Frizzles being mutants, the most you'll probably see is a frantic flapping of wings, while running like heck.
Frizzles and silkies can't fly. My japanese hen can fly to the roof of my 2 story house however as can the seramas. I put my frizzle cochin up on the roost every night and she seems to love being up there with the rest rather then on the ground getting pooped on by the others.
Oh no LOL. My frizzle is pretty much a ground bird. He does jump off my back deck, which is 4ft off the ground and he hits the ground pretty dang hard...and sometimes not so gracefully

My little bantams fly just as well as our guineas (which fly up to the rafters in the barn, on the house, to the tops of the trees, etc...). The only bantam we have that can't fly worth a lick (besides my frizzle and my silkies) is my RLW cornish hen, and well, she's a fat girl and pretty much not going anywhere too quickly

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