Can full size chicks & bantam chicks be raised by same foster mama hen?


5 Years
Feb 23, 2014
I have a very broody Silkie hen raising two full size chicks (Golden Comet) and 5 assorted bantams. This morming I found one of the D'Uccle bantam chicks dead when she'd seemed totally healthy the night before. Could one of the same-age full size chicks have accidentally smothered her? Do I need to separate the bantam babies from the two full size chicks? Thanks..
I had a broody raise a mixed batch of chicks ONCE. The bantams couldn't keep up with the standard chicks, and mamma didn't notice. Didn't work well, so never again. That could have just been a chick that wouldn't have lived anyway; It's hard to loose any of them. Mary

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