can hatchery chicks go striate into coop if they have protection from adults


9 Years
Mar 16, 2014
I know how to raise chicks and have done it for two years but this year my parents have said they have to go out as soon as they arrive from the post office. I have built a safe spot for them with heat lamp but I am not sure if they will survive being exposed to what the adults have already built up an immunity to. Especially since most of the time my adults are sick (trying to find out about that in another post in the 'help chicken sick' section)and I wouldn't be receiving them until mid May.
I wouldn't if they are known sick. I just do outdoor brooders with very little protection. They are actually quail pens. They have a roof and 1/2 wire on all sides. I put in cardboard to chop the pens in half and keep them in a smaller space at first. The pen goes on the ground so their little feet don't go through. Of course heat lamp, food and water like you are used to. Then I saran wrap the sides to knock the wind or rain down a bit for them. When they are done with it it goes back to a quail pen easily.

For the adults I would pen them up and clean everything then put a bleach/water solution in a sprayer and soak everything down very good to sanitize. Let it air out for a day before letting them back in. Also read up on 1 sbs apple cider vinegar added to each gallon of water as a wormer and immune booster to give continually. Of course you will likely have to figure out what they have and get rid of it but as they say an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
we think we figured out what they have but we live in Alaska an they will not be aloud in the house they have to go inside
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