can how does doves taste

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  1. i been thinking about trying to raise doves and just wondering if you can eat them and how do they taste
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    you get more value off meat pigeons like kings, mondains, etc...
  3. ok thanks... how do they taste
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    Taste like DOVE....
    Chicken tastes like chicken, dove tastes like dove, pigeon taste like pigeon, turtle taste like turtle, and rabbgit tastes like rabbit.

    Some people like it some don't. You have to try it to find out. THEN it depends on who cooks it. Dove is a delecate flavour and can be ruined by a wannabe chef in an instant.

    I like steak, but I won't eat steak my dad cooks because it tastes like a Kingsford Briquette. Last time he said, "But I broiled it in the oven...." He can cook squirrel just fine...go figure...
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    It tastes a lot like quail. I like them. Yes, it depends on the cook and what you season them with. I like to add wine to them as they simmer. Good eating.[​IMG]

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