Can I add baby chicks to a mama that has 2 week old chicks?


11 Years
May 20, 2008
I have a great mama silkie. She hatched a silkie and 3 brown leghorns for me about 2-3 weeks ago. My FIL brought me up 2 baby leghorns yesterday. For some reason he doesn't want the mama silkie that hatched them to raise them. Do you think I can talk this mama silkie into taking in these two or are the sizes of the chicks too drastic? Right now they are in a makeshift brooder in the house but I want a clean house and I want them out. DH already took the brooder out of the henhouse for the season and doesn't want to put it back.
I had a silkie with 3 babies and i gave her 2 more that were 4 weeks old and she took them right in.
I think i would just be sure to stick around for a while to be sure she does not walk away. I would not be so sure with any other breeds......but i think a good silkie mama will love them. Good Luck.
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If it were me, I'd sure give it a try. Probably best to put the babies under mom at night ...and then get a sleeping bag and sleep next to her in the coop so you can be sure things go smoothly. J/K about the sleeping bag! Really, though, it's best to place foster chicks under the mom when it's night and they're all asleep.
I had 4 chicks that I hatched in the brooder then my broody hen (not sure the breed, some sort of game hen maybe) hatched 10 eggs. The kittens were chasing the babies, so we brought mom and babies inside and put them in the brooder with the 4 that were already in there...they were maybe a week old, the babies just days old. She adopted the four that I hatched no problem.
I also have/had a silkie mama who hatched 7 of her own and I gave her a little barred rock chick about 2 weeks later, she took him in !!!!! I put him under her at night and checked a few times before going to bed... Good luck !!!

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