can i add these to my flock without any problems?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Mogli, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Mogli

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    :flcan someone help me with this ? i have 5 golden comet hens and i was wanting to add a few more birds to my flock. i was wanting to get like 3 or 4 bantam hens but idk if i can mix little birds with big birds. idk if the big hens would like the new little bantoms or not. will the big hens try to kill the bantys? if i can put them in with my flock do i need to quarinitne them too or can i just throw the bantys in with the big girls?
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    Jul 15, 2010
    You will have to quarentine. In my expiereince I would build a separate coop. They almasy harass the new ones especially the small ones. I have tried it and it was not pretty.
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    if i do get some bantoms and biuld a coop for them it proby dosnt have to be a big coop rite cause from wat i hear bantys are really small [​IMG] can i build the coop next to my big coop or build it a few yards away from the big girls coop? can germs or deasies float through the air from coop to coop and can the bantys or big hens catch something from eachother? i want a friendly breed of bantom hens that lay eggs that i can eat what is the most friendliest breed i can get will they go broody or can you get some breeds that dont get broody?
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    I have giant cochins, bantam cochins, jersey giants, marans, silkies, EE's, and a couple of other breeds together in my laying flock. They get along fine. I have some extra sussex roos that were in with them, but they were harrasing the smaller girls so I seperated them into their own run.

    You do need to keep the new birds quarentined for a while though before you put them in with the others.
  5. gummiepig

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    Jun 28, 2010
    we have 24 9 month old chicks a mixture of rocks and sexlinks--- we were given a age unknown but pretty sure under 6 months old roo--- and want to add to flock
    --will this present a big problem with putting him in ???
    we pull our eggs daily-- sometimes twice (busy hens)and do not want to hatch any ourselves right now --we need some advice from our
    chickie friends --- [​IMG]

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