Can I be identified yet???


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Jun 4, 2022
So I know that it MAY be early to be able to at least identify this breed. However I figured I would give it a shot. I ordered a rainbow of hens (of course I also know that I more than likely have males in this mix). But because I ordered a rainbow I have not any idea what I got. But this little has feathers on the legs. I don’t know how well of pictures I have, so if it is possible to even narrow down the breeds but need more pics or anything, I would be greatful for the help. They turned 2 weeks yesterday and her colors haven’t changed since we got her like they did others.


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Black Copper Marans.

Post updated pics at 6 weeks showing comb for a gender ID.
Yeah I sure will. I have a few that already have their comb. My hopes are, are that it’s the breed. The hatchery I got them from only guarantees 90% accuracy, as I’m sure with all hatcheries (though I really don’t know). But if I was to go by how fast the comb comes in….I have way more than 10%.

I’m really hoping this one isn’t a male though. This little is so sweet, but because of how alert this little is, kinda makes me wonder. I won’t be getting rid of any of them so it doesn’t really matter the gender.
After doing a little more research, I believe I have found what this little is. A French black maran. I have located pictures of the french black maran chicks and this little looks identical to them. Also Cackle Hatchery had them.

Just have to wait until I can tell if it is going to be a boy or girl. I noticed that it is growing some wattles already…
So we are only a few days shy of 6 weeks….can this little be identified as a cockerel or hen? I’m leaning towards hen still because not much has changed in the last few weeks since she started getting her wattles in.


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