Can I brag on my incubator??? (plus baby pics)


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Modesto, California
My husband bought me a Sportsman 1502 in march after watching me complain about my 10-20% hatch rates in my Hobavator. I have had 6 hatches and have gotten 95-100% hatches. I have about 100+ babies in 8 brooders now! If you are in the market for an incubator get this one! I wish I would have bought it last year! I feel so bad with how many chicks I killed in my old one. I have been hatching mostly SQ bantam Polish but have also hatched some pencil rocks, Coronation Sussex, SQ bantam Cochin and SQ Nankins. :)
They're so cute! Congrats on all your great hatches
Congrats! A friend of mine hatches pheasants in a sportsman and just loves it.

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