Can I breed a cherry egg rooster?


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Sep 25, 2019
I am new to owning chickens and dont know a whole lot about cross bred chickens. I have a cherry egger rooster and cherry egger females, along with other varieties of hens. Since a cherry egger is a cross breed, can they breed with other chickens and make a legit "type" of chicken and not just a "mixed mutt"?
Well, any offspring will be crossbreds or 'mutts', but in reality Cherry Eggers themselves are just 'mixed mutts'. They will be legit chickens and most likely worthwhile egg layers.
Yes they can breed and make healthy, normal offspring no they will not make a “legit breed.”
A cherry egger can only produce more cherry eggers if bred with other cherry eggers. There aren’t any “dominant” breeds.
I'm sorry that's what I meant, I have cherry egger females, and I wondered if I bred them with my cherry egger rooster, if they would produce cherry egger offspring.

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