Can I feed live kraut (lactic acid and enzymes of)


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Anne and I make our kraut in a Harsch fermenting crock. The kraut is super healthy for humans. Any idea if my feeding it to the hens would hurt them. It's full of lactic acid and enzymes.
Here's the last recipe we used for making it:

Kraut with Pepper

9 lbs. Cabbage slaw mix from Sam’s
4 T. sea salt
2 T. dulse flakes
3 T. caraway seed
1 jar (8 oz.) organic chopped garlic
2 T. red pepper flakes
2 tsp. Dill – powdered
1 cup of whey (drained from homemade yogurt)

EDIT: BTW, These crocks are wonderful.
Making living kraut in them simply requires keeping water in the lid area for two weeks so that no bacteria or mold can reach the kraut.
I used to help my Kentucky grandmother make kraut in super-large crocks. We'd store them in the cave, and then she'd have to throw away so much of the kraut because of mold. Not so with THESE crocks.
Does anyone have one? If so would you like to exchange recipes with Anne and me. Anne and I have the five-liter one, and we make kraut once a month and share it with relatives, friends, and neighbors.

"Product Description
Features & SpecificationsThe Miracle Fermenting Crock Pot - Quick, Easy and Quality! The Harsch / Gartopf fermenting crock pot is a quality crafted piece which is imported from Germany. Easily make nutrition packed sauerkraut, pickled vegetables and so much more. The patented Harsch crock-pot is a beautiful stoneware piece and is fired at 1200 degrees Celsius and finished with aleadfree glaze. This crock includes a ceramic cover which fits perfectly over the top and has a special cast gutter in the rim creating a seamless airlock. Gases from the fermentation can escape easily but air is not able to enter. Many other crock-pots can create a pasty white kahm yeast, this one doesn't! Suitable for all types of vegetables like:CabbagesCucumbersCarrotsPumpkinsBeansOnionsCeleryPeppersand more!In just 4-6 weeks you can have delicious fermented veggies in your home! Features:Quality constructed - easy to useImported from GermanyCan ferment up 5 liters of vegetables (1.3 Gallons) at a timeUse of ceramic weight stones eliminates moldClever water sealing system allows gases to escapeNo air let inLead freeMade of ceramic claySimple instructions are included*This item will ship via UPS Ground instead of FedEX Ground*Specifications: ModelHarsh 5 Liter Crock PotCapacity5 Liters / 1.3 GallonsBuilt ofMade of ceramic lead free clay WarrantyOne Year."

Here's an article about the crock:
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Did an experiment with the Orpingtons. Put about a tablespoon of the kraut into their white bowl that I use to feed them their yogurt. They've been nibbling on it for about a half hour; maybe they don't like the hot pepper in it. Whatever, I don't expect it to be on their Christmas dinner menu request list.
unfortunately the salt content IMHO makes this (to my mind) unwise...
most enzymes, probiotics, whatever are available in other forms (and usually very affordable > usually for humans but a lot of the enzymes and such are available from petstores... just do some research first on dosage etc. and suitability for avian species )... use those.
Dang, you're right! I'd completely forgotten about the salt.
We do sometimes make saltless kraut using whey and dulse flakes only. Maybe they'll like it if we ever make it that way again with no salt or pepper.
BTW, the recipe above uses less salt than what's normally called for for nine pounds (three 3# packages of slaw mix from Sams) of shredded cabbage.
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I always give my girls our left over Kraut... Sometimes they eat it..sometimes they turn their beaks up at it...

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