Can I fool a broody hen with day old chicks???


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May 11, 2013
I have a hen that's been broody for nearly a week and I'm wondering what would happen if I bought a few day old chicks from the feed store and stuck them under her while she's sleeping. Has anyone tried anything like this with any success? Or is it just a bad idea...any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. We actually want a few more hens so I thought this would be a great solution to both problems but I'm new at this and haven't dealt with broody hens before.
I've seen it successfully done on YouTube.

I just gave a 2 week broody 6 5 day old chicks. She squished one but the 5 remaining are doing great. I would let her sit a little longer and make sure she is dedicated. Spend the week building a space just for her away from the flock. Letting a hen raise your chicks is way less work.
Me and my mom did this all the time when we use to raise chickens together. We had one silky that got to raise about 6 or 8 babies a year because she would go broody every couple of months and refuse to leave her nest without a chick or two. She was an amazing mother though and never lost a chick.

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