Can I Freeze Sour Cream Dips?


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May 19, 2008
Western MA
Got a pretty good deal on some french onion sour cream dips this week...
I dont want them to go bad.... can i freeze sour cream? Or will it ruin the flavor/texture of it??
Thanks, Katy...
How about the taste? Its only for my teen kids anyways.... and they'll eat anything....

So the texture thing might not be too bad for them.... unless its really bad....?
I have eatten sour cream my sister froze and she just let it thaw in the fridge overnight and then took a mixxer to it for just a second. I read online where a chef said it would ruin watermellon to freez it. Well as I can tell from the glass that holds my vodca and frozen strawberries with the frozen watermellon it sure looks good to me. Trying it sounds better than it going bad. And you spot on about teens WILL NOT notice!

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