Can I give Newborn Chicks Layer Crumbles?


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Sep 25, 2009
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Hi Everyone,
I hatched out some bantam silkies about 5 days ago and just took them out of the bator. I was under the impression we still had chick mash, but my son just informed me we don't. We ran out yesterday and since the other chicks are a lot older they gave them the layer crumbles today.

I waited till the very last second to make sure everyone was done hatching before opening up the bator and letting anyone out. I know they must be starving by now. Would it hurt the chicks if I gave them the layer crumbles until I can swing by the feed store tomorrow?
Thank you gryeyes. I scrambled them some eggs and they will not eat it. Now I am getting worried. Our local feeder store is already closed. Any other advice? Anyone?
Was the oatmeal cooked or raw? Sorry if it is a silly question. I know your message states "dry" and I'm assuming that means raw, but I just want to make.
they can also eat plain cornmeal or grits for a night, until the store opens back up. They looooove uncooked oatmeal. I always give mine some sand/grit no matter the feed, but I think it's more important if you are feeding raw oatmeal so give them a good sprinkling of sand on it.
As I'm doing my animals this morning my husband brought to my attention all the baby chicks being hatched out by our hens. The question I asked before were for some silkies I hatched out in my incubator, but the chicks hatched by my hen are raised by my hens. They eat whatever the mom eats (bugs when they are free ranging and layer crumbles when in the coop).

Will these chicks get sick? I have two sets of babies in my coop as I type this and a broody hen sitting on eggs right now that are ready to hatch out any moment.

Edited to add: These hens are such GREAT mommies....I would really hate to take their babies away from them.
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