Can I give papaya seeds to my chickens?


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Sep 24, 2009
Papaya seeds sure looks like something my chickens would like - but are they OK for them?
I give my chickens a whole papaya a day, and they don't seem to have any problems so far. They seem to really like the seeds first, then go for the fruit.
thank you all very much for answering! Tomorrow my hens will get the seeds from my breakfast papaya.

rstampa, that is a very interesting list of different kinds of poisons. I found it earlier on this forum, but I could not trust it. Not every omitted plant is safe. I noticed that avocado was not on the list, yet avocado is poisonous to may birds, including hens.
Poisonous seeds and fruits are not always poisonous plants. Avocado pits are really poisonous, but the leaves are not so much. (I would not feed any part to chickens though.) The opposite can be true too -- think rhubarb: The leaves are super poisonous but the stems are fine to eat. Nature is so smart to build in protective attributes. :)
I'm excited to see how my hens like papaya seeds.
I feed my chickens everyday frozen vegetable mixture all type of greens.I cut up cherry tomatoes,oatmeal and different types of bread. I mix it all together in a large pan and sprinkle with crushed eggshells. Sometimes I add papayas and a banana as a treat. They love it!

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