can i give sulmet to button quail?


Aug 10, 2013
Eastern South Dakota
I give sulmet to my chickens if they look under the weather and to prevent cocci. My one month old button isn't doing too well right now. He feels very cold and his breathing was pretty shallow. His breathing is deeper now that i have him under the heat lamp but I was wondering if it would be safe to give such a small bird sulmet. Any thoughts? I dont want to lose this guy. He's pretty special since he was the very first bird i ever hatched out.
It is very hard to give a proper dose to these tiny birds. You would need to know its weight and then medicate. I would go through all the other possibilities first. and save the medicine for last ditch effort.
First you say he is one month old so is he still in a brooder? He should be at 80-85 for 24 hours. Are you feeding him a good quality NON medicated high protein fed that has been smashed a bit so he can swallow it? Are you feeding him anything other than crumble? Is this the only bird in the brooder or do you have him mixed with other birds who might have stepped or layed on him?
answer and we can help.
good luck!

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