Can I hatch these eggs?


10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
Cut n Shoot Texas
I have recently wormed all my girls with Ivermectin and I know to NOT EAT the eggs for two weeks. Is it ok to collect them for incubation or do I need to wait?
Are you certain that 2 weeks is the quarantine period after dosing with Ivermectin? Or are you just erring on the side of caution? I was told that with the Ivomec pour-on there was no withdrawal period at all, and with Wazine it was 96 hours. I don't see why it should adversely affect fertility or developing chicks.
I read on BYC that you cannot eat the eggs for 14 days after treatment... I am going to incubate the eggs now. I wanted to make sure that I did not hatch any eggs full or worms. LOL

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