Can I just rant for a few minutes? Please!


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May 8, 2008
North Carolina
What a crappy day this has been. Literally.

First... DH made me so furious this morning that if I could have gone through the phone and gotten to him I would have throttled him. Someone please tell me WHY some men are so #)&^*#$ hard headed about going to the doctor/dentist? My husband has broken one of his molars and has been suffering from it for weeks now. It hurts him to the point that he couldn't sleep last night. I've been after him to go to the dentist and have the thing fixed but he keeps telling me that he has an appointment with them on the 7th. And I keep telling him that his appt is for a 6 month CLEANING and they won't be able to repair his tooth at that time, that he needs to make another appt for that work. Last night I told him that I was going to call and make the appt for him because it is getting ridiculous... get the freaking tooth fixed or have it pulled out, at this point I no longer care, but DO SOMETHING because I'm tired of seeing him in pain. So, I make the appointment for 9 tomorrow and call him to let him know. He says "we'll see what's going on"... as in, I'll see if I'm going to go. Uh, NO, you can't do that. You have an appt so you either HAVE to go, or you HAVE to cancel it today! After he gave me more stupid excuses about why he couldn't go tomorrow (total BS, btw) I finally told him that I am not his mother, that I was going to call the dentist's office back and cancel the appt, and he can either make an appt for himself or live with the pain... and hung up on him. The appointment has been canceled... and he had better not complain about his tooth tonight!

Second... I gave my baby a bath this morning and got him all shiny clean. He just had a BM that came out of the top of his diaper and went up his back. When I took his shirt off it smeared the poo up his back to his neck, covering his whole no-longer-shiny-clean back!

Third... I'm getting a migraine.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, I'll shut up now.
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You sounded alot like me!
hubbies for being so stubborn about doctors and dentists!
the male ego pride!

poor baby! I've dealt with that a few times LOL! Once I got my daughter so clean, putting on clean clothes ready to go out. She made a face and grrunted!
It was a real mess of a behind! Delayed by 15 minutes to take a trip but neverthanless, she was good to go!

Another day! AND if your hubby gives you problems about his teeth, tell him to stuff and quit being a baby about it after he won't deal with it by going to the dentist appointment!
Umm,,,,could we actually be sharing the same husband?!!!!
He sounds just like my Dave. Men can be just infuriating!

And God love a baby but their POOP! I can totally relate there......

Sometimes it helps to know you're not the only one dealing with this kind of stuff!

Hang in there!
Aw, Robin, I'm sorry.

My day has been depressing too.
Give Ethan another bath and give him a hug from me-the baby days are almost over already!
I had a bad tooth and let it go for simular reasons, I can tell you just let it go say I am sorry it hurts and leave it at that. He will get it pulled sooner or later. It is totally a male thing. In the end my wifes advice was best.
I have a firm rule when it comes to DH's health.
1) I tell him my opinion and what I think he should do
2) I never mention it again.
3) If he mentions it but hasnt taken a step to resolved it even though he has all of the necessary phone numbers and information to do so, then I say 'oh, wasnt the Dr./Dentist able to see you'
4) When he responds that he hasnt called the Dr./Dentist, I issue the standard long, slow blink, followed by 'Oh' and then total silence.

One of 2 things will happen at this point
A) He will call Dr/Dentist immediately
B) He will never mention it again

After all of these years, its just how I roll.
Thanks, y'all. I took a nap with my baby (asleep on my chest) and I feel better now. Hormones are raging right now (PMS) so DH had better WATCH OUT!

Sharon, my DH's name is David!!

Heather, I wasn't upset with Ethan but I wasn't happy with the Luvs covering his behind. Fact is, he is outgrowing the size he's in so there isn't much room for when he has a big one. I've almost used the last of this size... hopefully we won't have a repeat of today.

For all you hardheaded, stubborn men.... WHY?

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