Can I keep a quad of silkies in a shed I use for storing other stuff?


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Jul 30, 2009
Charlotte, NC Area
I have ducks and quail, and I'm thinking of adding a very small flock of free-range silkies. I was wondering if they can stay in our (securely locked) shed at night, where the feed and hay and tools are stored. I thought I'd add a couple nest boxes and put a thin scattering of straw on the wood floor, which I'd sweep out every few days. What do you think? Any problems I should consider? Also, there are a few steps up to the shed--they won't have trouble going up the steps, will they?
You can keep a quad of silkies in a large dog box. That way you don't have chicken poop covering all your other stuff.

Free ranging silkies is exceptionally dangerous as they can't fly.
Thanks!! I do have a large dog house that could work.

I have flightless ducks that free range during the day, and the only predators we've ever had trouble with is domestic dogs. And we've sorted that problem out for now. But at night--watch out!

How bad will the poop problem be with just four flightless chickens? Most of what I use on a daily basis (feed, hay, etc.) is accessible without even stepping into the shed. In the back is a cupboard where I keep tools and such, and it's kept closed so they wouldn't have access. Do you still think I'd be better off using the dog house?
Cool! Thanks.

I just ordered my chickens AAHHH!! YES! ha ha.

I'm going to cut a pop door in the front of the shed so they can go in and out during the day when the door is normally shut, and then I'll close the whole thing up at dusk. I've already put a couple plastic baskets in there to use as nest boxes, but they'll probably climb up on the hay bales and lay in there or something. If it gets annoying, I'll put a door on the doghouse and call it a day.

Now I'm impatient. I ordered them 15 minutes ago. WHY AREN'T THEY HERE??


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