can i keep two cockerels together in the same run

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ProperPoultry, Jul 18, 2016.

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    i used to race pigeons but due to my burning interest in chicken and duck breeding i have decided to convert my loft into a poultry shed. i already have two light sussex hybrid hens and have recently just order a light sussex cockerel from a local poultry breeder. i have also ordered a Silver laced Wyandotte pair. i was wondering if there is any way i could keep the two together in the same the section they are in is 6ftx6ft indoor with a 6ftx6ft outdoor avairy. i aslo have a second next to this once which is the same but this second will house indian runner ducks and apple yard an ideal world id like to have a chicken section and a duck section. but will the cockerels fight?

    Note: they will be given acess to the whole back garden during the day so they will have to be in the same area as i cant afford to split my garden in two.
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    You'll have a problem with over mating- hens will be worse for the wear due to so few of them and two cock birds. I've kept two cocks to as little as six females and it didn't become a problem until spring when hormones are up and so is breeding intensity. It will have much to do with individual bird temperment and of course multiple males from same flocks do better then introducing two unfamiliar birds vying for top bird and head of so few hens.
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    Keep the 2 cock/erels in a 6x6.....or keep the 2 cock/erels and the 3 hens in a 6x6??
    Maybe to the first.....and No to the second.
    ....and if you want to hatch out pure breeds, you need to keep the breeds separated all the time.
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    If your goal is hatching purebred chickens and ducks, each breed must be kept separate at all times. And male ducks must be kept separate from female chickens.

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