Can I move incubating eggs?

Natalie Fenserv

7 Years
May 29, 2012
I have eggs that need to be moved, they are part way through their incubation. Can I move them, and if so, how and what is the best way to transport them from location A to location B. They will go from one incubator to another.
Are they being movd far like to another city? If its close just do it as quick as you can, I wouldn't use any heat type thing as it would not be an allover heat but a localized heat and that would not be good
I would just make sure car is warm and I would put them in egg cartons then a box then just cover box with blanket I still would not use a heat source
Mama hens gets off the nest most every day but for possibly the last three. The eggs should be able to handle a temporary cooling spell.

I do a hatching display at my county fair but incubate the eggs at home. When it comes time to move them to the fair grounds I prewarm a cooler with a bottle of hot water then put the eggs in cartons in. The incubator at the fair will be already up to temp and ready for them. Works well for me.

If these eggs are still early in their development do try to minimize bumps, shocks, and shaking as best you can.
Thanks, well that does make me feel a bit more positive. When you heat the cooler box, do you take the heat source out prior to packing the egg carton inside it?
Thanks very kindly for you help and guidance. I think the kids at school will love to see the chicks hatching. (that's why I'm moving them)

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