Can I put day old chicks with a broody hen with 3 chicks 3-4 weeks old ?


12 Years
Oct 13, 2007
Oxford, CT.
Hi All,

I had ordered EE's from MPC awhile back. The post office just called and I am leaving to go pick them up as soon as I post this.

In between I had a BCM hen go broody and set & hatch 3 eggs about a month ago. She & the chicks are in the pen each day and they still sleep under her at night. Can I put the day olds under her tonight ? I will have to put them in a temporary brooder for today. I'm a little nervous that the one month difference in age might be too much ?

Thanks....and yeah I know, last minute.....

Oxford, CT.
That is pretty risky, the older chicks are likely to be very hard on the little ones, and the hen is much more likely to reject them as not hers. Mixing birds of such different sizes can often lead to tragedy. Put them in the brooder, unless you don't mind loosing them to aggressive older chicks and mom.

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