Can I put Newborn Chicks In with a Lone 2 Week Old?

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Aug 3, 2011
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My first batch of eggs was due to hatch in 3 days, but only one egg has made it and developed well, I think my incubator's temperature is wrong as the other incubator is warmer but they are displaying the same temperature.
Anyway, if this last egg hatches it will be on its own for 2 weeks until the second batch hatches, can I then put them in together or will the single chick attack the newborns?
I know I'm kind of counting chickens here, but I need to know as I only have one brooder plate so if they can't go together I'll have to get another in time.
I remember reading in one of my chicken books somewhere that you could keep 3 day old chicks with up to 3 week old chicks, but in my experience, this was not the case. I'm no expert, but obviously the babies have different temperature requirements, need more sleep, are less (how shall I say) ambulatory, etc. I suppose it could depend on the breed and the brooder, but it's never really worked for me to mix ages together. Older ages, sure, but the babies are just so itty bitty, and a 2 week old chicken is like a whole other enchilada already. Although I did have a *special* 2 week old chick that wasn't really thriving with her age, so I stuck her in with the little guys and she did okay. I guess it's circumstantial.

Like I said, this is just my experience, I'm sure there's other people out there who have done it different. Hope this helps and good luck to you and your chicks (and incubating ones, too)!

P.S. You can never have enough brooders anyway.
I had 10 new babies, and put 2 2 week olds with them...they did fine, just make sure you keep enough room in the brooder (if they are in one) warm enough for them, and the proper attention to the youngest ones. I fed wet starter/grower to all of them when they were tiny...all ages LOVE the wet mash...
Good luck!
I would put them together. Just make sure the heat is at one end so they can get away from it if they want. It is usually considered safe to combine chicks when they are all under 4 weeks of age. That said, all chickens are different; just monitor the situation.

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