can I see picttures of frizzle chicks?


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does anyone have pictures (I'm sure they do) of frizzle chicks. I have a 3 week old chick that shouldn't be frizzle but it has mussed up feathering, like it's over crowded but it's in a large cage with 3 others so plenty of room. it's not a breed I see listed on here as frizzled ever but I have seen an adult of this breed frizzled but it's not common from what I'm seeing. so before say where I got the egg, i'd like to see if it may or may not be frizzled.
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well I'd have to say, that's not what I have. she looks like someone mussed up her feathers.

and her wing.
That is not frizzling--not sure what it is, but it is definitely not a good thing. I would guess it's one of these:

The following mutations diminish feather quality (eg, feathers prone to breakages, etc).
(source: Poultry Breeding & Genetics).

1. Fray (fr) - autosomal recessive (affects mostly wing flights & tail feathers)
2. Flightless (F1) - autosomal dominant (affects mostly wing flights & tail feathers)
3. Alopecia - autosomal recessive (affects mostly remiges & rectrices)
4. Dysplastiv remiges (dr) - (affects remiges & rectrices, -extreme cases wing coverts)
5. Hypoplasia of tail feathers (Hy) - autosomal dominant (affects tail feathers, resembles rumplessness, but vertebrae normal) Found in Ingie Fowl.
6. Matted Down - polygenic trait
7. Ragged Wing (rw) - autosomal recessive (affects wing flights)
8. Porcupine (pc) - autosomal recessive (spiny quills)
9. Ropy (ropy) - autosomal recessive (sticky down, adults - large wing feathers, sometimes body feathers - roughness)
10. Stringy (st) - recessive (down feathers stringy, very high mortality rate)
11. String-2 (st-2) - autosomal recessive (down sticky, adults - most barbules were absent from wing & tail feathers)
12. Sunsuit (sn) - autosomal recessive (down wiry & sticky, adults - extremities bare of feathers, body better covered)
13. Wiry (wi) - autosomal recessive (down sticky & lacked barbs on distal halves. Adults - mostly wiry barbs of wing flights & tail feathers).
14. Wooly (wo) - autosomal recessive (shortened down- semi-naked, slick shiny feet. Adults - feathers abnormal in structure, rough & incomplete).
15. Wing Patch - expression limited to males, may possibly be linked to the lavender locus.​
figures, the only maran I hatch is defective and with the price of eggs, makes this a very expensive one at that.

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