can I see picttures of frizzle chicks?

Glenda L Heywood

10 Years
Apr 11, 2009
here is what I would do for the chicke or chicken

use some cod liver oil for A&D in the feed
use wheat germ oil for Vit E in the feed

also besure and do not put both oils in the feed of the same day
as they out do each other

also I would add oilve oil to the feed

the birds feathers have noted a dry course of lay

it is easily over come as the bird needs the oil in its system to grow healthy feathers

also you can spray the bird daily with warm water and give it more moisture that way

I know it will work as I did that with modern games in the Iowa heat in the summer time

some times they have to molt

but this chick will under go a molting to adul feathers and you will have helped it out

on the Vit's
you can buy the cod liver oil at the drug store
and just use 1/4 tsp a day on days feeding the cod liver oil

and buy 400 mg of Vit E at drug store and cut the tip and add to the feed daily

I would make a pen of chicken wire and make it to feed the chick that needs the oil daily and when she is done eating it then put her back with the rest of the chicks

just leave the chick pen wire in where she sees the others
and there will be not problems

as for the olive oil a 1/2 tsp can be added to all the chickens feed for a day

like what they will eat in 30 minutes
a couple of tsp per bird

any questions email me


I'm not all fluff
12 Years
May 5, 2007
central maine
I moved the chick outside with the other chicks and the feathers are looking more normal now. maybe it was a passing stage.

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