Can I shoot a fox in CT?

Aug 30, 2020
Yes, I have my license to carry/own guns, yes my town allows discharge of a firearm on my property.

Ive practiced shooting targets on my property and the cops have been here before and they don’t tell me to stop. They just want to make sure I’m legal and safe.

anyways, I am having some very brave foxes running around lately. Always catch them on my cameras and a minute later they are snooping out the coop.

I am specially asking if I’m allowed to shoot a fox that’s attempting to/or is attacking my live stock? I looked online for CT rules but I can’t seem to find a specific answer other than
“Removing problem foxes through trapping or hunting is only recommended during designated seasons or in situations where individual foxes show a pattern of preying on livestock”
Anyone know for sure?
I had a fox issue. I put out some live traps. I let the fox take the bait for a few days then set the trap and caught the fox. I did eliminate it. Good luck...
I talked to a wildlife officer a while back and he told me I could shoot anything that threatens my livestock.
I think they word it loosely on purpose. I believe, technically, they want you to contact DEEP first & report the problem fox. Once it's documented as a nuisance you should have no issue protecting your livestock.

But that's all just hearsay, I haven't actually spoken to DEEP, it's just what I saw when looking to see if we could kill the bobcat that killed one of my chickens. I would call DEEP if I were you, just to be safe & have a paper trail. I know my neighbors would report us should we dispatch that bobcat. (instead we fortified the run)

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