Can I take my turkeys outside if it's 85 degrees out?


13 Years
May 13, 2010
They are 5 weeks old it too soon? Really ?? 1) I love them but there are 19...IN the house and they STINK! I JUST cleaned the brooder and it already smells!

2) If I let them have daytime outdoor time, how long would it be before they would show symptoms of soil borne diseases if they are present?
3) Are all turkeys so scared of new objects? I put a bowl of grit in the brooder and you would have thought I had released a starving lioness in there! They STARED at it for an hour!! No one wanted to go near it!! Finally ONE poult walked NEAR it...then puffed up!!
I decided to add grit to the feed instead...
I'm thinking that because they have been in the brooder the whole time they are skittish of new things. Not of hand is great and they LOVE shiny rings....but a bowl??Seriously? Are they really that skittish or are mine just sheltered?
I am scared though,to let them outside...I have no idea if we have blackhead here...or if they will get cocci from the chickens.The chickens have been roaming the ground for over a year now.I decided on unmedicated feed but now I'm kinda nervous.I have had them on vita/electrolyte water for 5 weeks just hoping to boost their over all systems.What should I watch for as early signs of cocci? Cocci is treated with Sulmet,right?
Thanks for your time and responses....sorry for all the questions...just need a little help deciding when to acclimate them to the outside and what to watch for.
85 degrees is warm enough, especially at that age! I have almost always had my baby fowl outside on grass within a week of their arrival. I have never had problems with the babies contacting diseases from our property.
And I have had chickens, geese, turkeys, and ducks.
I can't vouch for any diseases on your property, though....but I think a normal environment running around in fresh grass and weeds is much healthier than in a box, even if supplements are offered. If it gets too chilly at night you may have to rig up a heat lamp? But for 5 weeks...they ought to be over that.
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Yay....Thank you!! I still need to build the coop for them but at least i can let them poop outside all day!! Oops...I mean "play"
I still wonder though, how long before I would know if there's a problem? A day? A week? A month? Just trying to figure out how long to worry for? (well always I suppose but you know what I mean!)
As coccidiosis goes, your birds are more likely to get it in intensive, "crowded or unsanitary" conditions, i.e., a box that probably isn't as clean as an outdoor environment.

They can get coxi from infected materials if older birds were infected with it. If your birds DO get it, you may recognize the symptoms within three days. But sometimes a disease is not evident, and may simply result in sicklier birds who are carriers. There are different strains of coccidiosis which have different symptoms and mortality.
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