Can i use a permanent sand box for my week old quail chicks?


May 30, 2019
Hello everyone! I successfully hatched 4 quail chicks from the supermarket. They are doing really good and growing like crazy. One hatched right on day 18 and the rest on late day 19 / early day 20 so one chick is approximately 2 days older than the rest. The oldest one is about 10 days old and the rest 8 days old. So my question is, can i use a permanent sand box for them in the brooder or could it harm them if they ate too much sand? Also, does anyone know what color this little guy is? I know that we have 2 italians and one wild / brown but I’m a little bit unsure about this guy, looks kinda gray, does anyone know what type of coturnix quail this is? Thank you all in advance! Also here is a video of my brooder and my chicks if anyone is intrested in seeing :)


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