Can i use a UTH for the brooder


13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Annetta Kentucky
Some of you might know that i own some reptiles. So i have some surplus supplies around. I was wondering if i could use heat tape under the brooder(plastic tub) to keep them warm too. I also have ceramic heat admiters , red light bulbs and some of of those dome light bulb holder things that you clamp on to the tank. Whatever i will use i will put a thermostat in between. What is the best heat source for chicks


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
MA/NH border
I don't know about the tape stuff but after reading this board I did get a 100 w ceramic bulb, so now I have one 250 w red lamp and 1 100 w ceramic. I have tried out both and I think my plan is to go with the 250 red bulb for their initial 2 weeks with height adjustment for temp, then switching to the 100 w at a lower height for the last two, and then out in the barn/coop for extra heat. I like that the ceramic lets them just have natural light, but the 250 watt is very powerful and will warm up a good area of my brooder for when they are most vulnerable. If I had a higher ceramic I'd consider that from the get go.

A lot of people here use the ceramic. I suggest you try them with your set up and see which lights and wattages give you the right temperature combinations, with them starting at 95 over a big enough section of the brooder that they can all fit (and room to get away from the heat too).

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