can I use DE with gravel?

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    May 2, 2008
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    I have been reading all the great things about DE and I love non chemical ways of pest control.. but can you use it with gravel..

    My husband and I were thinking about a gravel run and a dirt/gravel coop..

    #1 anyone who already has gravel... how do you like it.. is it easy to clean.. we have heavy rains every so often that I am hoping will help keep the gravel clean..

    #2 how does it work with the DE and gravel.
  2. I'm new to this to but it seems like all gravel would be very hard on their feet.we live on the side of a mountain, and the rocks reproduce overnight it seems but our run is dirt, once was grass but didn't take long for them to scratch it into dirt. I give them a big slice of wheat straw or hay once a week, and try to turn them out to free range if I can be out there to watch them (to Many dogs otherwise)also my coop is dirt bottom with about half bale hay in nests and floor of coop. east to clean out and it goes in my garden. Like I said I'm new so someone may know more than I do. [​IMG] marrie forgot, I add DE to both nests roosts, and floor I just sift it on.
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