Can I use human-prescribed Nystatin cream for my chicken with sour crop?


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Oct 14, 2018
I have a 17 week old bantam Easter Egger with sour crop. She had been acting off for a couple of days, but her crop did not look large until this weekend.... but I did not realize what the issue was until this afternoon :(

I brought her inside early this evening and gave her a dose of epsom salt + water, where I also confirmed she was the one making the loose stools out in the run. It was bedtime for her so I have been trying to read as much as possible this evening so I can get to work to helping clear her crop first thing tomorrow AM.

Chicken Health Handbook and my BYC search all suggest using Nystatin as part of treatment. CHH does not give any information on dosage, and BYC posts only show the powdered form.

I have Nystatin ointment on hand — one of my kiddos needed it a couple of years ago (pics attached.) I can use this for my chicken, correct?


And according to this BYC post (℞-needed.1258934/#post-20200999 ) I should be giving her 3g 2-3x a day, correct?


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