Can I use sand for grit?


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
I've been using chick grit for our chickens that are 2 months old now and was wondering if I can use sand instead of store bought grit. It is finer than grit that you buy. Will it still help them " chew " their food? They have been out for about a week and are starving for treats!
I was going to ask that this morning, too, and did a search. What I've read says that the beach sand should be rinsed because of salt content; and play sand and other sand is very fine and they would need a lot of it. Mine have been eating play sand (the construction sand isn't as fine, so I'm using that next) and I give them some actual grit, too. When they are outside on the grass, I am not sure how much they are actually getting from the ground.

I'm interested in all the answers, too!
Yes, for young chicks. But you have two-month-old pullets? The sand will just pass right through.

My 7-weekers are choosing granite bits that are roughly 1/4" in size.
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