Can i worm them, just to be on the safe side.

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    I have gotten some new girls and are keeping them separate for a week or so from my original flock. I have no idea yet if they have worms but will it hurt to just worm them to be on the safe side. The are 12 week old pullets. I have checked them for lice and mites and they have non but should I still dust them?
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    I believe in routine worming, whether or not you have found any. As for mites, did you check around the vent area too as sometimes those Northern Fowl mites stay around that location?
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    I agree with TaylorHobbyFarms. I recommend that you keep the newbies quarantined for at least 6 weeks. This will give them time to show any diseases they may have due to incubation periods of certain respiratory diseases. It'll also give you time to worm and dust them, inspect them head to toe for injuries and other maladies they may have. Remember biosecurity. I recommend that you worm them with valbazen, 1/2cc orally and repeat again in 10 days.

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