Can Peafowl Have????

I'm not an expert but I think it's a bit high in protein. If you had to give it to them, maybe mix small amounts in with their regular food?
I think it's just fine. Pea's are supposed to have a higher level of protein (unless I've been doing it wrong
) My feed is a mix of gamebird/cracked corn/cat food/BOSS.
If they are peachicks I wouldn't feed corn to them, gamebird starter no higher then 22%.

Older peafowl if you can find 18 to 20% chicken layer that is also OK not the best but it will work, any dry cat or dog food will work as long as the nugets are small you can also add a little chicken sratch to this as well.
What's the name of the cat food? I'm interested in getting it as well. I use game starter now, along with wild bird mix.
Our adult birds get small breed dog food mixed with oats, barley, corn, and gamebird pellets. They will always eat the dog food first.

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