Can Rhode Island Reds Be Yellow???


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Dec 22, 2011
Well, I have a Rhode Island Red Rooster and Hen, and a yellow hen. Yellow hen had a brother that was yellowand everyone I asked including a feed store owner told me he was a Rhode Island Red, what I'm saying is, my yellows and reds look alike except a color difference...I just got a baby chick from a red rooster and a yellow hen, so what is it going to grow up to be? red or yellow? btw:the eggs are light brown from both chickens with just a little bit of color difference between them but idk which is which, one egg is lightlight brown and one is a darker light brown than the is it a welsummer or rhode island? can rhode islands be yellow? hahaha I am a Very confusing person:)
no not really.....and cant post pics either, dont have any of them on this computer....but i will look into that thursday....gillums told me that he gave me rirs and strait runs, but didnt say what breed of chickens they were, im pretty sure they arent buff orpingtons though, they are more dirty yellowish golden than light blonde...
i know 100 percent that Danny(Rooster) and Rachel(red hen) are both RIR's but I have no idea what Maci is(yellow hen).......what kind of chickens lay very light brown eggs and have a golden yellow color of feathers?
I'm very confused on what Maci is and I would really like to know if I have a crossbred chick because her mother is yellow and dad is RIR..hahaha im a very confusing person
not buff orpington, bufforpingtons eggs are dark brown...ive been doing some research on google images and i think she might be golden sex link......i got an idea a second ago, I will clean the mud off of Maci(yellow) and keep her somewhere away frolm the other hen because they both lay an egg a day and I will see which egg is Maci's and which is Rachels...... then I will take a pick of the hens, rosster, eggs seperated and the chick i hatched from them and post some pics....maybe...if I can get help with it I will or if i can figure out myself but dont count on me figuring it out myself, Im clueless to that kind of stuff
..........but like i said im think sex link..the egg color matches and the chicken itself matches. Any other opinions?
Buff orps aren't necessarily dark egg layers, all the ones I've had laid light pinkish eggs. And sexlinks usually lay darker colores eggs.

We will need pics to give you any kind of definite answer.

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