Can she be saved, or is it too late?


5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
I discovered one of my chicks was very, very thing, and covered in mites. Barely eating but standing.

I used 7 dust on her, gave her a little honey and food to eat, set her in the coop. She's laying down down, eye's closed. Picked her up and her head is trying to curl backwards. This happened just before my Silky passed away. Poor thing was COVERED in mites, and I missed it completely. I also found another chick dead today, pprobably of the same cause.
It looks like she hasn't been eating. Is there anything I can do tos ave her? Or is it a short step away from death?

I checked the other chicks, they didn't have mites. but I 7 dusted the flock anyways.

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