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Apr 16, 2011
I have just hatched out 33 eggs out of 70. The ones that hatched are very healthy. The other ones that did not hatch I was anxious to disect and see what happened. I found only 2 eggs that peeps seemed to be on the way out but dead. However a few yolks in some but the others had what seemed to be a big air cell and a chick that only formed about half way. My setup was holding steady at 99.7-100.8 and humidity level for the first 18 days was 40-45%. 19-21 days I upped the humidity level to 65-70%. Eggs were on a turner also and the door was only opened once for candeling at day 8. I took eggs off turner and layed them flat while hatching. Can anyone assist me or give me some feedback on what might have happened to those halfway formed peeps? Maybe some tips on what I can do to better my hatch rate next time. Thank you very much.
Sounds like u done every thing right maybe there was some bacteria that the eggs picked up maybe from the incubator if it was used before :)
I didn't see were these eggs shipped or bought local/your own... It could be something was wrong with the egg before they started incubating and they weren't going to make it anyway? Have you read the hatching advice by SallySunshine?? There is a lot of information in there.
I'm sorry I did forget to mention that some of them were shipped eggs and some were from my own flock.
You said you had both shipped & your own eggs. was there more of one than the other, all shipped, all your own?
Dead embryos in the second week is caused by Incubator Temp to high or to low - don't seem to fit
Electrical failure - nope
Eggs not turned- I don't think so
INBREEDING- possible
INFECTION - possible
You said you had both shipped & your own eggs. was there more of one than the other, all shipped, all your own?
Dead embryos in the second week is caused by Incubator Temp to high or to low - don't seem to fit
There were slightly more of my eggs than the shipped eggs. Most of mine hatched
Electrical failure - nope
None, i have 2 thermos and check memory about once a day, no jumps in temp
Eggs not turned- I don't think so
2 incubator warehouse turners
INBREEDING- possible
Not sure about the shipped eggs, New rooster fertilizing my hens though
INFECTION - possible
Not sure on the shipped egss, my birds are on 50/50 layer pellets and cracked corn.
I am wondering if humidity might have had something to do with it,Im at a loss here.
there are so many factors to a successful hatch. if this was your first hatch you didn't do bad.

shipped eggs: they can come from poor stock, be washed, be old, be shook in shipping, or just have gotten cold. you should always let shipped eggs set at room temp undisturbed for 24 hours before setting in incubator.

it is a good idea to open your incubator 15 or so minutes a day to simulate the hen getting off the eggs to eat/drink and do whatever. this also makes the embryos a little stronger if there is a power failure, and it lets in oxygen (embryos need oxygen in day 1 all the way through).

if you have an older Styrofoam incubator, you might have bacterial buildup in the incubator. I would soak mine overnight in bleach water using concrete blocks to hold them down. I would still get bacterial buildup. if this is the case, you can make a box from wood, 2 inches higher. for humidity, use disposable brownie pans. make sure to add a fan if you don't have one already. If your thermostat is digital, I do recommend changing to a wafer or replacing the thermostat when you do this. you can reuse your old turner, heating element, and fan if its forced air.

the 70% humidity if it was more of a constant could be to much humidity. I could be wrong but I think high humidity affects bantam eggs faster than standard fowl. (my experience, but could have been other undetermined factors).

your personal feed protein may be low. if your mixing 18% layer crumble with corn (I think its 12% might be 14%) your protein would only be about 15%, hens will lay eggs, but fertility would be low. I use a similar mixture, but I add calf manna for protein (you can also use 30% dry cat food). I add about 6 lbs to a 50 lb batch. this mixture will usually cause some dull feathers too. if you find this is happening, add a couple pounds of black oil sunflower seeds. also if your chickens are penned make sure you add some grit and oystershell.
As far as your birds are concerned start with Loveourbirds suggestion on feeds. Shipped eggs you have no control over as far as what the breeders are fed.

A simple way to figure protein level is to take Layer feed protein levels (Say 16%) add Corn Protein level (say 8%), add the 2 together & divide by 2. You get 24 divided by 2 = 12 .
That is the percentage of protein you are feeding. If your birds are free ranging they will pickup additional protein, but you never know how much. But free ranging does help. You can supplement like LOCEOURBIRDS suggest or feed a BREEDER ration during the time you want to hatch eggs. Breeder Rations are designed to increase certain proteins & minerals to provide the breeders with additional nutrients that increase hatchability of the eggs
i just happened to look at a corn label today. i thought it was 12 or 14%, it is only 9%. so if your feeding 18% layer crumble and mixing corn half and half with it, your protein will be 13.5%. calf manna is 25%, and sunflowers are 15%. ive forgotten the exact formula for this, but the protein would be approximately 15.75%. this puts my protein a little bit low. from now on im adding 4 lbs of catfood (30%) and a lb of brewer's yeast. this is just an experiment, and the original mix worked well for me.

you might find this link useful
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