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can someone explain?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kerroppi76, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. kerroppi76

    kerroppi76 Out Of The Brooder

    Jun 30, 2011
    Langhorne, PA
    THis maybe a silly question but I have seem DH and DE all over this forum and not real sure what they mean...can someone tell me please? Thanks
  2. mathesonfarm

    mathesonfarm Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 17, 2010
    New York
    I wondered the same thing when I first started coming on. DH is usually something like Darling Husband, or depending on the context...Dumb Husband, darn Husband, etc...lol. DE, Im not too sure about but what I do is go up to the google search bar in the top right of the screen and I put in the question that I have because most likely, Im not the first one to have asked it and it will come up with the past threads that talked about it. Hope I helped alittle :0)
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2011
  3. dsqard

    dsqard Crazy "L" Farms

    Jun 11, 2010
    York PA
    DE is diatomaceous (I think I spelled it right [​IMG]) earth. It is very finely ground fossil shells. It is a natural dessicant that many people use in their coops to keep the smell down and help control parasites.
    Edited because I spelled it wrong the first time [​IMG]
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2011
  4. mayberrygirl

    mayberrygirl Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 4, 2010
    Mount Airy, NC
    I think DE on this board usually refers to (please forgive spelling) diomtanatious earth.
  5. howfunkyisurchicken

    howfunkyisurchicken Overrun With Chickens

    Apr 11, 2011
    DE stands for diatomacious earth (I hope I spelled that right). Lots of people use it for dusting their birds to keep bugs off them. If you use it you want to make sure you get FOOD GRADE DE. I think its actually made from little fossilized critters.

    Edited to add: DANG y'all are fast! [​IMG]
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2011
  6. mathesonfarm

    mathesonfarm Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 17, 2010
    New York
    That's cool...I had no idea! I have never even heard of that stuff, I am a new chicken owner. I have only had chickens for about 4 months. My family had chickens when I was a kid but I dont remember a whole lot about that. Happy I learned something new today, thanks :0)
  7. 98662Chix

    98662Chix Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 31, 2011
    Vancouver, WA
    Well this IS helpful... I knew what DE stood for but DH?? I've been at a loss, scratching my head and a bit too embarrassed to ask. Glad someone stepped up to the plate to clarify! Thank you! [​IMG]
  8. hmmcc123

    hmmcc123 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 27, 2011
    University Place, WA
    I always thought DH was short for "Domestic Husband". [​IMG]
  9. RHRanch

    RHRanch Chillin' With My Peeps

    "Dear Hubby/Husband"

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