Can someone help me identify these breeds please?


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Apr 29, 2017
I am new to chicken raising and we received 5 chicks from my sons preschool that they hatched in class. I was told that they were made up of Sussex, dot kings, Cochins and a few mystery breeds. I got an additional 3 elsewhere that claim to be Rhode Island reds that I want to confirm to be true. I'm fairly certain of the breed of two of the hens, however one will be pictured to be sure!

I'm pretty sure this black pullet is a Cochin, her feet are my main identifier here lol


I'm fairly certain this is a rooster, I caught him trying to crow the other day

I'm not sure on this girl, she has 5 toes but has these feathered feet so I'm not really sure.


These 3 are all the same hen

I have three girls that all look
Like this, these are the ones that claimed
To be Rhode Island reds but I feel like they're awful light, closer to a buff color. So please help!

There's only one with 5 toes. The "rir's" I suspected weren't what they claimed. Thanks for the confirmation!
I posted in another forum and got one opinion based solely on comb and wattle but I have read this isn't the most reliable indicator of gender. This chick at 7 weeks old is the one in question. I hadn't questioned for a minute that it was a she because it feathered quickly and evenly like all the others, and has a similar posture. The one that stood out as a rooster feathered much slower especially around the wing bows and tail. This black one tends to be more assertive than the others and often hasn't minor squabbles with the rooster. I just wanted to get more opinions on gender. Praying for another hen but if it's a rooster it's not a crisis. Thanks!

It has a fluffy patch of feathers just by the tail like the other hens have.

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