Can someone help me with weighing eggs?

Oct 13, 2019
Longmont, CO
Yeah... the Marans are tough. I don’t even check them until day 14 or so. I have 4 with ?s next to them on my sheet. I think we’re on day 9... not a Maran egg, but a Barbezieux which is darker than some, is attached.

I would try lowering the humidity a bit and check/weigh them in a couple days. And hopefully someone will chime in that does the weighing on chicken eggs.

When I ran the humidity too high in my last batch, at day 18 the air cells looked like day 1. Maybe a tiny bit bigger. Now that we’re averaging 25% humidity, they’re on track. I’m just sharing this information with you because I lost 50% of the chicks and they were fully developed. Most likely due to too much humidity during incubation.

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Thank you for sharing with me. Sorry to hear you went through that! So it sounds like it would be better to have the air cell a little too big than too small. I have my humidity down to 25 or so now. I don’t want my Ameraucanas and OEs to loose too much but I guess that’s better than the Marans loosing too little.


Jan 4, 2020
Arlington, WA
I am no professional by any means. I do know that it’s tough trying to fine tune the incubating. Almost feel like it’s trial and error. Once you nail a good way of doing and have success, stick with it. I’m still in that trial/error phase :p

Good luck with the fuzzy butts!


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Jul 31, 2015
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Oh gosh now I just did the formula for my non Marans eggs (Ameraucanas and OEs) and they’ve lost too much weight. What do I do?!?!
Here’s my #s for this group.
Day 1 total 14.41oz
Day 4 total 13.92oz
Goal at end 12.53
Goal/ day .089
Goal for day 4: .356
Actual loss: .49
I don't think I'd continue to weigh them if I were you.
That's too much messing with them.
Not very precise by weighing them all together either.

Just leave them be.
Oct 13, 2019
Longmont, CO
:gig Said the CandlingAddict! ;)

I've weighed before, if set up right it can take less time than candling.
I plan to carry on with it since I’ve started and I feel like it provides some good information since candleing the Marans eggs is proving challenging. I just don’t know where to go with the info it provides since one group is loosing too much and the other too little. 😅 Tomorrow is day 7 and I plan to check again. I’ve decreased my humidity since last weigh in.
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