Can someone please explain to me...


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What is the actual difference between an Ameracauna and an Araucana breed. I see them both reffered to seperately, yet they almost seem to be reffering to the same breed.

Then,.... AFTER explaining what the difference between THOSE two are,...

could you please define the particulars of an Easter Egger to me, and how that differs from the Ameracauna, and the Araucana breeds ?


btw- The reason I am asking is because my 8 y.o. daughter was asking me to explain the differences. I need some help here so I can learn, as well as giving HER a decent answer.
Help me out here folks,... PLEASE !!!???!!!

(Daddy does not like getting stumped for an answer)


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If you look up "difference EE Ameraucana Araucana" there are plenty threads explaining the difference.

In a nutshell, no matter if it is an Araucana or Ameraucana - If it is claimed to be sold at a hatchery, it is an Easter Egger.

An Easter Egger is a crossbred chicken with a blue egg gene somewhere in it. It could be a cross of any breed, really, and look like just about anything, but usually lays a green or brown egg and has a pea comb.

An Ameraucana is a bearded, muffed, tailed bird with slate legs and a pea comb and only lays blue or blue-green colored eggs. It only comes in the APA recognized colors of Blue, Black, Blue Wheaten, Wheaten, Buff, Black Brown, and Silver. Hatcheries do not sell them.

An Araucana is a tufted, tailless (but some do have tails and some don't have tufts) bird with a pea comb and yellow or slate (usually on black) legs. They only lay blue and sometimes greenish blue eggs. They come in black, wheaten, buff, red, gold duckwing, silver duckwing, BBR, white, and blue. Hatcheries do not sell them.

Araucanas are said to be originating from South America, while Ameraucanas started as a breed in America. (Technically, Araucanas did as well.) Easter Eggers, being a crossbreed made by hatcheries, originate from hatcheries or even backyard breeding.


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Maybe it might be helpful to show your daughter pictures of what Ameraucanas and Araucanas should look like when bred to standard. Also explain how random Easter Eggers can be in egg color, color and body shape because they are not being bred to a specific standard.

Sometimes a picture can be worth more than a 1000 words to a child.

Here are a few links where you can find good pictures of the breeds standards.
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