Can someone please tell me about micro chipping......

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    I can by the home again micro chips from Jeffers, but it does'nt tell me the yearly fees etc.... My sister in another state had hers done and their was no yearly fee. I can insert them myself, just wondering the best place to get them and what fees I have to pay......any advise?
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    north of eternity
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    Thank that where you have yours....
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    When you get your microchip you'll get a card you can either send in by snail mail or you can do it on line. The fee used to be 19.95 but I'm sure that has changed by now. Be sure to follow up and verify that your pet is registered, and to always keep the information updated when you move. Also, make sure the microchip you purchase is what I call the 'non-migratory'-the kind which stays where originally injected.
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    I have six dogs...great pys. just trying to find the cheapest route...Hehe. Also have horses I was.thinking of doing.... Thank you for that advise
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    Jun 4, 2011
    all of the chips have an upgrade option for a monthly fee. If your dog is lost, the company will fax photos and identifying info to local vets and animal control offices.
    Some do require you to pay to update your info (home again doesn't, have it for my older dog). The pup has an AVID chip, registered through the AKC CAR program because AVID charges you to update contact info.
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    So what company doesn't charge to update?
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    Home Again doesn't charge. AKC doesn't charge for updates through their CAR program. I'm not sure about any others. I know that AVID DOES charge, that's why I didn't register with them.

    For the CAR program through AKC, it doesn't matter what brand the chip is. You just tell them what brand and what the ID number is and you're all set.

    EDIT: for example, Singe has an AVID brand chip but it is registered through CAR instead
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