Can someone please tell me what I need to do?

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  1. SilkieBaby

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Bakersville, NC
    I need some help.......about 2 months one of my OEGB hens had a swollen eye and just acted like she didn't feel good. My first thought was that one of the rooseter might have been a little too "rough" with her or they might of been fighting. I brought her into the house for about a week and a half and treated her with some antibiotics (in her water) and some extra protein food. She is now doing great. Now my OEGB roo and my other roo both have extremly swollen eyes with a bit of a discharge coming out of their eyes and nose. Their eyes are sooooo swollen that their entire face and head looks swollen. I didn't let any of the chickens out of the chicken house yesterday because it was cold, raining, and the wind blowing like crazy! As soon as I got home from work last night I went out to check on them and one of my sweet little barred rock hens was laying in the floor of the chicken house DEAD! She had no obvious signs of trauma or that anything was wrong. I don't know what to do.......HELP!!! [​IMG]

  2. SoJoChickens

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    I don't have any personal experience with eye infections but I found this thread that may be useful:

    I saw another thread that said to put triple antibiotic in the chickens eyes. Does anyone have any experience using triple antibiotic on chickens?

    Good Luck!
  3. Chicken Chat

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    Jul 19, 2009
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    I haven't heard of putting triple antibiotic in the eye before. I know there is an eye antibiotic ointment available at most feed stores, it's in a tube. I've used that on my chickens and some kittens.
  4. chickenzoo

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    Sounds like a respiratory illness.
  5. Boggy Bottom Bantams

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Yep, sounds like another Mycroplasma (respitory) infection.
    The eyes arent actually swolen, it'l be the sinus cavity that runs right below the lower eye lid.
    Watery foamy eyes, nasal and mouth doischarge, breathing with open mouth, wheezing, all are signs of it.
    Tetracycline based meds and Tylan both work pretty good for it. Also, treat ALL your birds for it, as they will have been exposed to it already.
    Good luck
  6. SilkieBaby

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Bakersville, NC
    Thanks guys. I unfortunately lost my big beautiful roo last night and had to cull one of my RIR hens because she was suffering so bad. My husband and I were out in the pouring rain at 10:30 last night burying them. I got a stronger antibiotic yesterday and started it last night. Hopefully these new meds will take hold and I won't lose anymore. Pray for me and my sweet chickens.

    Amy [​IMG]
  7. chickenzoo

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    prayers for you, so sorry. If it is a respiratory illness, many that survive it will become carriers. I would separate any ill birds from the rest and disinfect the coops etc. with bleach. It would also be helpful if you had your local State Ag dept. take a blood sample and test for MG/MS. At least you could rule it out, and know what your dealing with. [​IMG]

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