Can Someone Tell Me What Color My Silkies Are????


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Aug 21, 2010
Washington Twp, Mi
I picked up these silkies at 1 day old and now they are 4 months old. What color do you think that they are and from what can you see do I have 3 hens and a roo?

So I have any show quality chicks???? I have a hard tome uploading pics so If you need more I can provide if you give me your email..


Never saw this color either! At first it just looked like white with a little black in the tail but them it is in the hackles too!
To see if they are show quality, we need a good close up on the entire body not just the tops of them or the head. I think one may have split wing.
Ok everyone. This chicken thing is getting confusing????? Help Me Please!!!!!! What does it mean split wing?? Is there anyone that produces silkies that would know for sure and how would this color come to be???
Maybe if you cross a black silkie with a white silkie this could happen..... not sure though.

They are very cute though.

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