can they be kept together??

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    Feb 5, 2016
    i have been looking for some adult female quails to keep in a pen that is 8 feet by 5 feet .
    i have seen that you should usually follow the rule of 1squarefoot by one bird, so technically speaking i can keep 40 quails in this in the beginning i only wanted about 10-15 female quails. i dont want a male because i dont want them to breed . i dont want them as food nor do i care for eggs. i just fell in love with how cute and small they are and want to keep them as pets. i cant seem to find them anywhere! i only found them sold by chicks or eggs(usually minimum of 50 chicks). so i have been wondering if quails are raised together since birth, and since you really cant tell their gender until they are mature, will they be able to roam peacefully together as adults (no matter how many females or males) and not try killing eachother? i will also be taming them since i dont want them to run or fly away while im cleaning the pen or letting them run around my yard(it is secure and i will keep an eye on them while they are out ) again i only want them as pets and since ill probably only be able to get them by chicks, can i keep all of them together without them going crazy? if i cant keep them , ill only keep a maximum of 20 females and i only wanted females from the start and will sell or give away the rest once adults.
    oh yeah! and i am looking to buy either texas a&m or some coturnix.
    i also want to know if i could keep females together without major issues?
    also at what age should the chicks be taken out of the incubators?
    (i am looking to buy chicks) and when can i finally let them go in there pen.?
    also what is some good food to feed them once they are adults?
    i want to make a homemade incubator, so what kind of lights do the chicks need?
    do they still need humidity once they are chicks?
    and if there wings are clipped(as adults) can they still fly upwards or do they just jump?
    sorry for the abundance of questions i just really want to know every little detail!

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    Hi and [​IMG]

    Many of your questions have been answered many-many times in old threads on this forum, but to get you going I'll just try to answer the ones I know the answer of. I don't have coturnix myself, so my answers are what I've learned from reading this forum.

    Adult males will try to kill each other even if they've been raised together, unless they have very, very much room and lots of places to hide.
    Texas A&M is 'some coturnix'.
    As far as I know, there are no major problems with keeping females together.
    Chicks should be taken out of the incubator at some point between 'dry' and 30 hours old. But as far as I understood, you don't intend to incubate them yourself, you want to buy chicks. In that case, you are probably talking about the brooder and not the incubator. The temperature in the brooder should be lowered gradually - there is some guideline for that, I don't remember exactly. 5 degrees F a week or something, starting at 95-ish.. And once you reach the surrounding temp, obviously they don't need the brooder anymore. When you can let them go out depends on the outside temperatures.
    Usually people recommend a 25-30 % protein gamebird or turkey feed. They can eat this all their lives, but at least when they are chicks, you will have to grind it up.
    Again you say incubator, but we are talking about a brooder, right? In that case, a heat source that doesn't emit light is apparently best, as the chicks can't sleep properly if there is light all the time - but they do need light at day, so they can eat. If it must emit light, red light is better than white, as far as I remember.
    Their poop and water should give them plenty of humidity ^^
    If the wings are properly clipped, I doubt they can fly. But keeping the wings clipped of 20 quail would probably be quite some work. In general, I don't think people clip the wings of their quail. But the 'running around the yard'-thing you talked about, might not be a good idea if you don't. Though it might work with coturnix, I remember someone saying that when their coturnix escaped the cage, they just found the nearest sunny spot and settled there and were easy to catch.
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    Feb 5, 2016
    thank you! and yes i meant brooder!

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